Case 1275

Client was spotted by an officer at 2:30 A.M. standing in the middle of the road in town.  The officer recognized the client from a prior incident.  It appeared to the officer that the client was about to run and the officer grabbed the client.  Client was placed in handcuffs.  The officer smelled alcohol on the client and client admitted to consuming 6 Bud Light beers at a friend’s house.  Client was 20 years old at the time.  Client was on probation for prior Underage Consumptions and an OVI.  Client was taken to the police station for a breath test which was refused.  Client was cited for Underage Consumption.  Client was also served with probation violation for failure to give a breath sample as required.

Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in the Underage Consumption being dismissed and an Admission to the Probation Violation, with probation being continued as before.