Case 1276

Client was stopped for driving the wrong way on the highway.  The stop turned into an OVI with a .17 breath test.  Client cited for OVI and Super OVI, both 2nd offenses within 6 years.  Client had a prior OVI conviction 3 years earlier.  2 weeks later, client was stopped again and charged with OVI with a .13 breath test.  Client cited for OVI, 2nd in 6 years, and Driving Under Suspension.

Client engaged in significant counseling to deal with alcohol abuse issues.  Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in conviction of both OVIs as 2nd in 6 years, with the remainder of the charges dismissed.  Client received a total of 30 days in jail, with work release after serving 10 days.  Fines totaling $1,000 and 5 year license suspension.  Client did not lose employment due to the deal on how jail would be served.