Case 1274

Client was stopped by officer for almost striking the curb and then crossing into the other lane and almost striking a parked car.  While pulling over, client struck the curb.  The officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol and saw a 6 pack container of Bud Light  on the passenger seat with 3 bottles missing.  When the client got out of the car, he had trouble keeping balance.  Client failed the field sobriety tests and admitted to being drunk and a mess.  Client tested .197 on the breath test.  Client was cited for OVI, Super OVI and Marked Lanes.

Client attended a 3 day alcohol school and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in conviction for OVI, with credit for the school, $375 fine, and a 6 month license suspension.  Super OVI and Marked Lanes were dismissed.  Client had faced actual incarceration.