OVI Citation

Client was stopped for running a stop sign in front of an officer. Officer recognized the client from earlier in the evening from a domestic dispute. Client was intoxicated during the prior encounter. Client had slow and slurred speech when the officer approached the car. Client admitted to purchasing a 12 pack, but could not remember how much he had to drink. The officer administered field sobriety tests which client failed. Client tested .134 on the breath test. Client was cited with OVI. Client had 3 prior OVIs, with the last OVI being 1 month outside of 6 years.


Client attended a 3 day alcohol school and attended alcohol counseling and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for OVI. Client received the minimum mandatory penalties of 3 day school (which he received credit for), $375 fine, 6 month license suspension, and 6 points assessed to license.