Case 1257 OVI

Client stopped for not using a turn signal. Client was “fumbling” through his paperwork when asked for Registration and Insurance. Client smelled of alcohol and had blood shot and glassy eyes. Client had slurred speech and was unsteady when walking back to police car. Client denied drinking. Client failed the eye test but refused the walk and turn and one leg stand tests. Client refused the breath test. Client was cited for 2nd OVI in 6 years, No Turn Signal and No Seatbelt. Client had 1 prior conviction for OVI and 1 reduction from OVI within the last 4 years.


Client attended a 3-day alcohol school prior to plea, and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in conviction for Physical Control with credit for the alcohol school, $1,000 fine, 80 day license suspension, and Administrative License Suspension and reinstatement fee cancelled. 0 points were assessed on the license.