Case 1198 OVI


Client was reported as a drunk driver to police.  Police stopped client.  Client had a very strong odor of alcohol, eyes were watery and bloodshot, and speech was slow and extremely slurred.  The officer had trouble understanding what the client was saying.  Client refused to exit the vehicle when asked and was placed under arrest for OVI.  Client refused the field sobriety tests.  Client was unsteady when standing and it took two officers to get him over and into the patrol car.  Back at the station, client refused the breath test.  A warrant was obtained for a blood draw.  Blood alcohol content was .268.  Client was cited with OVI, and Super OVI.  Client had 3 prior OVI’s outside of 6 years.


Client attended a 3-day alcohol school prior to plea, and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in Super OVI being dismissed, conviction for OVI with credit for the alcohol school, a 1 year license suspension, $750 fine and community service.