Case 1197 OVI


Client was driving at 3:00 A.M. on a back country road.  Client failed to stop at a stop sign at intersection with road with highway traffic.  Client drove into path of a semi driving 55 M.P.H.  Client was T-Boned on passenger side of vehicle.  Client’s vehicle was totaled and semi jack-knifed.  When officer arrived at the scene, emergency personnel were working on client.  Client suffered only minor injuries.  Officer could smell an odor of alcohol coming from client’s vehicle.  Officer later met up with client at the emergency room.  Client still smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking.  Officer requested client to submit to blood-alcohol test.  Client cited with OVI and Failure to Yield at Stop Sign.  Client had a prior OVI reduction 2 ½ years earlier, and a prior refusal suspension.


Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for Physical Control, with the client to attend a 3-day alcohol school, 6 month license suspension, refusal license suspension and reinstatement fee cancelled.  0 points were assessed on the license.