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OVI and No Turn Signal Case

Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for slightly driving off the right side of the roadway and later not using a turn signal. Client passed the counting and alphabet tests. Client failed the other sobriety tests. Client blew .158 on the breath...

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OVI and Super OVI Case

Violation and Citation: Client was followed by officer for driving on the fog line, then crossing the fog line. Client pulled into a private driveway and stopped. Given the time of the night, the officer returned to the residence to see if the car...

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Underage Consumption, OVI, Super OVI, and Failure to Yield Case

Violation and Citation: Client blew thru a stop sign and went into a residential driveway and crashed into a car sitting in the driveway at about 50mph. Defendant had glassy bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. Client admitted to drinking. Client...

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Client vs Dog Warden Case

Situation: Client lost his dog, which was picked up by the dog warden. The law required he claim the dog within 3 days of being picked up by dog warden. Client discovered the dog warden had the dog, on the 4th day. Client contacted the dog warden...

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Speeding in a 55 Case

Violation and Citation: Client was cited for Speeding, going 70mph in a 55mph zone. Result: Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for No License Plate Light. $150 fine plus court costs, 0 points assessed. Visit the Wilson Law...

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