Underage Consumption, OVI, Super OVI, and Failure to Yield Case

Violation and Citation:

Client blew thru a stop sign and went into a residential driveway and crashed into a car sitting in the driveway at about 50mph. Defendant had glassy bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. Client admitted to drinking. Client failed the sobriety tests. Client blew a .182 breath test. Client was cited with Underage Consumption, OVI, Super OVI (tested above .17), and Failure to Yield. Client was 18 years old. This was client’s third accident in 3 years.car-accident-300x300


After some “damage control” and negotiations with the State, client pled to OVI, with the 3-day alcohol school, 40 hours of community service, $650 fine, 6-month license suspension, 6 points assessed, and no fine for Underage Consumption amended to Disorderly Conduct.