Mandatory License Suspension

Client was cited on several occasions for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in client’s vehicle. Client’s greatest concern was the mandatory minimum 6 month license suspension on each of the charges. Client was also charged with No License Plate Light.

During this time, the legislature was thought to do away with the mandatory suspension. I delayed client’s cases until the legislature did in fact change the law and made it discretionary with the judge. Prior to going before the judge, the State agreed to request no license suspension if the defendant took a urine test and tested negative for marijuana. Client took a drug store test and came up negative. A change of plea was scheduled. Prior to the plea change, client took a court urine test which was negative. Since client did in fact test negative, client entered a No Contest to the charges. Client was fined $10 for the plate light violation and $25 for each possession charge. No license suspension was imposed.