Hit and Run

Officers responded to a report of a hit and run driver.  Officers arrived at the scene and found a car that was parked in front of a residence that had been rear-ended.  Officer spotted client 2 blocks away trying to limp the vehicle home.  Officer stopped client.  Client was disoriented, unsteady and nearly falling down, and admitted that too much beer had been consumed and should not be driving.  Client failed the eye sobriety test and refused a breath test.  Client was cited for OVI, Failure to Maintain Reasonable Control, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.  Client had a prior OVI conviction 7 years earlier. 


After client’s auto insurance paid for the damage to the other vehicle, and client attended a 3 day alcohol school, negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for Physical Control with credit for the alcohol school, $1,000 fine, no license suspension imposed, and Administrative License Suspension and reinstatement fee cancelled. 0 points were assessed on the license.