Case 1280 Assault Falsification

Client reported to officers that client was assaulted at a 4th of July party.  While client may have been assaulted, not all the information supplied to the officers was accurate.  The officers began to doubt client was assaulted at all, and turned the investigation onto the client.  The officers discontinued the assault investigation, and began to build a case against the client.  Client was ultimately charged with Falsification.  Police were pushing for a conviction of the charge which carried up to 6 months in jail.

While the client did admit to police officers that some of the details of the assault were not accurate, a defense was built around police misconduct of client during the investigation.  Client’s desire was for the case to just end with minimal impact on the client.  

A negotiated plea with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for Failure to Provide Personal Information (a mutually agreeable reduction with the client and the police) with a $250 fine.