Case 1200 OVI

Police responded to a stalker call in a residential neighborhood.  Caller described client and the vehicle that was parked in front of the house.  Police found client in the driver seat but the vehicle was not running.  Client denied driving the vehicle to the house. Client was alone and the caller only described one person. Client refused to perform any field sobriety test, and also refused to give a breath test.  Client was cited for OVI and Driving Under Suspension.  Client had three prior convictions for OVI outside of six years, and prior reductions.  Client also had 30 outstanding and open suspensions on his drivers license.


Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in dismissal of the Driving Under Suspension, conviction for Physical Control, no jail or alcohol school, $400 fine, no additional license suspension, and refusal suspension remained in effect. 0 points were assessed on the license.