Case 1174 OVI

The officer encountered the client at a stop sign intersection. The client sat at the intersection for a “prolonged period of time.” The officer attempted to get the client’s attention by flashing his brights, but was unable. The officer pulled beside the defendant’s vehicle, but it was several seconds before the client realized that the officer was there. The client had trouble rolling down his window. The client was described as having very slow and slurred speech and it was difficult to understand what the client was saying. The client admitted to drinking. The client was unable to finish any of the field sobriety tests. Client submitted to a breath test that resulted in a .316 BAC. Client was cited for OVI and Super OVI.


Client attended a 3 day alcohol school and alcohol counseling and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for Low Tier OVI, with the Super OVI being dismissed, credit for the 3 day alcohol school, $375 fine, 1 year license suspension, and 3 years of non-reporting probation.