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Feb 16

OVI and Failure to Maintain Reasonable Control Case

October 2013 Violation and Citation: Client drove car into a ditch and flipped the vehicle several times. When the police showed up on the scene, the paramedics were treating the client. The officer smelled alcohol on the client. Police photographed several single cans of beer and a 12 pack of beer in client’s overturned vehicle. …

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Nov 25

2nd Super OVI in 6 Years Case

February 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for driving without tail lights or a license plate light. The client smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot glassy eyes. The client admitted to consuming alcohol. The client was unable to perform the sobriety tests. The client was cited for 2nd OVI in 6 years, 2nd Super …

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Jun 13

Super OVI Case

February 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was reported as a drunk driver to police. Police stopped client. Client had a very strong odor of alcohol, eyes were watery and bloodshot, and speech was slow, extremely slurred and incoherent. The officer had trouble understanding what the client was saying. Client refused to exit the vehicle when …

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