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Mar 23

Multiple Felony Charges Case

June 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted for Felony 4 Theft of Prescription Drugs, Felony 5 Trespass, and three Misdemeanor 1 Thefts, for breaking and entering into vehicles and garages to steal the contents. While most of the evidence against the client was circumstantial, the State did have an eyewitness of the client breaking …

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Mar 09

Underage Consumption and Probation Violation Case

October 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was spotted by an officer at 2:30 A.M. standing in the middle of the road in town. The officer recognized the client from a prior incident. It appeared to the officer that the client was about to run and the officer grabbed the client. Client was placed in handcuffs. …

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Aug 11

3 Counts of Driving Under Suspension Case

September 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was known by officer to not have a valid license.  Client had approximately 30 suspensions, 2 of which were for felony OVIs.  Officer saw client driving and pulled client over.  Client was cited for 3 counts of Driving Under Suspension.  Client was under probation and faced significant jail time. …

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Aug 05

Probation Violation and OVI Case

October 2012 Violation and Citation: Client stopped for a headlight violation. Client’s speech was stuttered, slow, and slurred and he had a very distinct odor of alcohol. Client’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Client admitted to drinking at a local bar. Client failed the field tests terribly. Client admitted to being drunk. Client refused the …

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Apr 25

Rear Plate Not Illuminated and OVI Case

December 2012 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for not having the rear license plate lighted on the vehicle. Client was noted to have a “heavy tongue” and bloodshot eyes. Client admitted to having 4 beers. Client submitted to the pen test, but refused all other sobriety tests. Client refused to submit to a breath …

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Apr 22

Rear Plate not Illuminated and OVI Case

December 2012 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for not having the rear license plate illuminated on the vehicle. Client smelled of alcohol. Client admitted to drinking one or two beers. Client failed the pen, one leg stand, and walk and turn tests. Client admitted that he pulled into a private drive because the officer …

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Mar 25

OVI and Super OVI Case

July 2012 Violation and Citation: The officer encountered the client at a stop sign intersection. The client sat at the intersection for a “prolonged period of time.” The officer attempted to get the client’s attention by flashing his brights, but was unable. The officer pulled beside the defendant’s vehicle, but it was several seconds before …

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Mar 14

Underage Consumption, Probation Violation, DUS+ Case

March 2012 Violation and Citation: Over a period of 4 months, client racked up charges of: 3 separate charges of Underage Consumption/Possession; Probation Violation; Driving Under Suspension; Stop Light violation; Fleeing and Eluding. Result: Client engages in alcohol counseling and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a convictions for 2 Underage Consumption charges and Fleeing …

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Feb 25

8 Felony Counts Case

December 2011 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted on 8 Felony counts including Tampering with Records, Worker Comp Fraud, and Fraudulent Returns, felonies of the 3rd and 5th degrees. Result: Negations with the prosecutor resulted in convictions of 1 felony of the 4th degree and 2 convictions of felony of the 5th degree, with client …

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Feb 04

Drug Trafficking Case

May 2012 Violation and Citation: Client indicted on multiple counts of trafficking drugs. Client had spent time in prison prior to these drug trafficking offenses being committed. Result: Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in dismissal and modifications to some of the original charges and pleas to the rest of the charges. Mitigation was presented to …

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