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Mar 09

Felony 4 Domestic Violence Case

July 2016 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted on 2 counts of Felony 4 Domestic Violence. While incarcerated during the pendency of his case, Client managed to get cited with assault of an inmate and was facing charges of Escape, a Felony 3. Client was facing may years in prison. Client had done a previous …

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Mar 23

Multiple Felony Charges Case

June 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted for Felony 4 Theft of Prescription Drugs, Felony 5 Trespass, and three Misdemeanor 1 Thefts, for breaking and entering into vehicles and garages to steal the contents. While most of the evidence against the client was circumstantial, the State did have an eyewitness of the client breaking …

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Feb 02

Felony 5 Theft Case

January 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted on over 20 counts of Felony 5 Theft. Client was accused of systematically stealing money from an employer. Client faced 1 year in prison for each charge. Result: A prolonged negotiation with the prosecutor was conditioned on client being able to pay restitution at conclusion of the …

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Jul 07

Felony 2 Felonious Assault – Injuring Infant Case

Court Bible - Felonious Assault

July 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted on a Felony 2 Felonious Assault charge for injuring an infant. Client faced up to 8 years in prison and a $15,000 fine. Result: Client attended counseling and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for a Felony 3 Attempted Felonious Assault, and faced up to …

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Feb 04

Drug Trafficking Case

May 2012 Violation and Citation: Client indicted on multiple counts of trafficking drugs. Client had spent time in prison prior to these drug trafficking offenses being committed. Result: Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in dismissal and modifications to some of the original charges and pleas to the rest of the charges. Mitigation was presented to …

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