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Apr 13

Pills, Marijuana and Paraphernalia Case

September 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for having not having 2 working headlights. Client had passengers. Officers ordered all the people out of the car. Client found that the 2 passengers who were under age were under the influence. Officer searched the vehicle and found pills and marijuana and paraphernalia in the vehicle. …

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Mar 23

Multiple Felony Charges Case

June 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted for Felony 4 Theft of Prescription Drugs, Felony 5 Trespass, and three Misdemeanor 1 Thefts, for breaking and entering into vehicles and garages to steal the contents. While most of the evidence against the client was circumstantial, the State did have an eyewitness of the client breaking …

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Oct 07

Pills and Paraphernalia Case

March 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped when the license plate came back registered to a different vehicle. Client opened the glove box and the officer saw a baggie of pills. Further search of the vehicle found pliers with marijuana residue on the end. Client admitted that the pliers were used to smoke marijuana. …

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