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Feb 27

OVI, Super OVI, Child Support Suspension, and Failure to Reinstate Suspension Case

July 2016 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped because the registered owner of the vehicle was under suspension. The officer had run the plate. Client was not the owner, but looked similar to the owner. However, client was also under suspension. Client was also given sobriety tests, which client failed. Client also refused the breath test. …

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Jan 04

OVI, Speed, DUS, Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Marijuana Case

October 2016 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for doing 81mph in a 55mph zone. The officer smelled the odor of burnt marijuana. The officer found marijuana in the car along with a prescription (indicating not to take and drive). The client admitted to taking the medication recently. During the eye test, the officer indicated …

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Dec 18

OVI, Super OVI and Left of Center Case

December 2016 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for going left of center during a left hand turn in town. The officer noticed that the client had glassy and bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. Client’s speech was slurred. Client admitted to drinking. Client failed the sobriety tests. Client refused to take the breath test. Client …

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Apr 08

OVI and Leaving the Scene Case

November 2013 Violation and Citation: Officers responded to a report of a hit and run driver. Officers arrived at the scene and found a car that was parked in front of a residence that had been rear-ended. Officer spotted client 2 blocks away trying to limp the vehicle home. Officer stopped client. Client was disoriented, …

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Mar 09

Underage Consumption and Probation Violation Case

October 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was spotted by an officer at 2:30 A.M. standing in the middle of the road in town. The officer recognized the client from a prior incident. It appeared to the officer that the client was about to run and the officer grabbed the client. Client was placed in handcuffs. …

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Jun 09

2nd OVI in 6 Yrs, Turn Signal, Seatbelt Case

September 2013 Violation and Citation: Client stopped for not using a turn signal. Client was “fumbling” through his paperwork when asked for Registration and Insurance. Client smelled of alcohol and had blood shot and glassy eyes. Client had slurred speech and was unsteady when walking back to police car. Client denied drinking. Client failed the …

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Mar 31

Driving Under Suspension Case

August 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for driving under suspension after a random license plate check. Client had driving privileges out of a Physical Control that was reduced from an OVI, but was technically driving outside of the allowed times. Client cited for Driving Under Suspension. Result: Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in …

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Mar 17

OVI and Refusal OVI, 3rd Within 6 Years Case

May 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was involved in an accident at an intersection. Client was unable to pass or complete the field sobriety tests. Client refused the breath test. Client had 2 previous convictions within 6 years. Client cited with OVI and Refusal OVI, both 3rd within 6 years. Client faced a minimum of …

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Mar 03

OVI and Super OVI Case

May 2013 Violation and Citation: Unidentified witness called the police department that client was walking out of a bar and almost falling down. Client was allegedly getting into the car. 2 officers responded. One officer had client coming out of a carryout on foot. The other officer had client sitting in his car. One officer …

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Feb 03

2nd OVI in 6 Years and Left of Center Case

June 2013 Violation and Citation: Client stopped for driving left of center. Officer smelled odor of alcohol and client admitted to drinking beer. Client failed the field sobriety tests. Client tested .146 on the breath test. Client cited for 2nd OVI in 6 years and Left of Center. Client had a prior OVI conviction within …

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