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Apr 27

OVI and No Turn Signal Case

January 2014 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for not using a turn signal while changing lanes. Yes, that’s the law. The officer immediately smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the client. The client denied drinking. The officer stated that the client showed signs of impairment on the field sobriety tests. Client refused the …

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Mar 23

Multiple Felony Charges Case

June 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was indicted for Felony 4 Theft of Prescription Drugs, Felony 5 Trespass, and three Misdemeanor 1 Thefts, for breaking and entering into vehicles and garages to steal the contents. While most of the evidence against the client was circumstantial, the State did have an eyewitness of the client breaking …

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Feb 16

OVI and Failure to Maintain Reasonable Control Case

October 2013 Violation and Citation: Client drove car into a ditch and flipped the vehicle several times. When the police showed up on the scene, the paramedics were treating the client. The officer smelled alcohol on the client. Police photographed several single cans of beer and a 12 pack of beer in client’s overturned vehicle. …

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Jan 26

Illegal Alcohol Content OVI and Left of Center Case

August 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was followed by police and stopped for driving left of the center line.  The officer said that he smelled alcohol on the client.  Officer said that client failed the eye test and the walk and turn test.  Client passed the one leg stand test.  Client was 19 years old …

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Jan 06

Super OVI and No License Plate Light Case

May 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for driving in the on-coming lane and no license plate light. Client had a “dazed” look on his face and officer spotted a can of beer in the car. Client did poorly on the field sobriety tests. Client tested .178 on the breath alcohol test. Client cited …

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Nov 25

2nd Super OVI in 6 Years Case

February 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for driving without tail lights or a license plate light. The client smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot glassy eyes. The client admitted to consuming alcohol. The client was unable to perform the sobriety tests. The client was cited for 2nd OVI in 6 years, 2nd Super …

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Nov 18

Super OVI and Marked Lanes Case

April 2013 Violation and Citation: Client was stopped for driving too slowly, driving outside of mark lanes, and failure to use a turn signal. Client moved very slowly and his speech was slurred. Client admitted to drinking alcohol. Client failed the sobriety tests and nearly fell over during them. Client refused a breath test. Client …

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Jul 29

OVI Case

December 2012 Violation and Citation: Officer followed client’s vehicle for 3 miles until it pulled into a gas station. Officer had seen only a minor traffic violation. 2 people were in the car. Officer circled around gas station back to the vehicle and parked next to it and it was empty. Officer sees client in …

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