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Oct 10

Domestic Violence Case

October 2016 Violation and Citation: Client was involved in a physical alteration with a family member at home. Family member called police and client got charged with Domestic Violence, facing up to 6 months in jail, $1,000 fine, loss of firearms, and therefor, no hunting. Result: Negotiations with the State were protracted. Client had a …

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Jan 19

Assault Case

November 2016 Violation and Citation: Client was charged with assault at a local NASCAR event. Client’s position was client was engaged in self-defense when client gave a woman a black eye. The State stood firm that it was either a plea to the assault or trial. Client had a prior assault history. Negotiations broke down, …

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Jan 21

Phone Harassment Case

March 2012 Violation and Citation: Client charged with Phone Harassment for sending threating texts to his ex-girlfriend, who he also had a child with. Client got in a fight with the girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Result: Client attended anger management classes and negotiations with the prosecutor resulted conviction for Persistent Disorderly Conduct, with 30 days in …

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