Jan 23

OVI, Super OVI and Marked Lanes Case

October 2016

drink at a barViolation and Citation:

Client was pulled over for going over the white edge line several times and almost going off the roadway. The officer had to activate the siren several times before the client realized the officer was trying to stop him (the overhead cruiser lights had been on for some time). Client’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy and the officer smelled alcohol on client. Client admitted to drinking. Client failed the Standard Field Sobriety tests, but passed the alphabet and counting tests. Client refused the breath test. Client was cited with OVI, Super OVI (prior in 2007), and Marked Lanes. Client faced a minimum of 6 days in jail.


Client completed the 3 day alcohol school before his court date. Negotiations with the prosecutor resulted in a conviction for Physical Control, $750 fine, 0 points assessed, no license suspensions and no reinstatement fees. All other charges were dismissed.


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