Mar 02

Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of Official Business Case

June 2016

Violation and Citation:

handcuffsClient was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of Official Business. Police officers were investigating a potential fight in a parking lot. Officer came up to client and asked for an ID. Client initially began to comply, but then asked why the officer wanted his ID. Long story short, client told the officer to fuck off and client was thrown to the ground and cuffed. Client’s “demeanor” went down-hill from there, and he was held in jail. Officer was wearing a body-cam. Video showed that officer was “quick to react” to client’s “questioning the propriety of the officer’s method of investigation”. No other parties were questioned during the “investigation” of the potential fight. Client had a history with this police agency.


Both charges merged into a Persistent Disorderly Conduct. Client was given credit for night in jail. Night in jail handled any fine and court costs (essentially, no fine or court costs), and also wrapped up 2 other cases client had pending at the time (what I call a package deal).


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