Feb 27

OVI, Super OVI, Child Support Suspension, and Failure to Reinstate Suspension Case

July 2016

Sheriff Car WapakViolation and Citation:

Client was stopped because the registered owner of the vehicle was under suspension. The officer had run the plate. Client was not the owner, but looked similar to the owner. However, client was also under suspension. Client was also given sobriety tests, which client failed. Client also refused the breath test. Client had 2 prior OVIs within the last 6 years. Client was cited with OVI, Super OVI (minimum of 60 days in jail), Child Support Suspension, and Failure to Reinstate Suspension.


Validity of stop was the issue pursued. 5 months later, the deal reached was client plead to OVI (1st in 6 years), 3 day alcohol school, $375 fine, and a 6 month license suspense, credit for time already served on the suspension, 6 points assessed.


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