Mar 20

OVI and Lanes of Travel Case

June 2016

OVI and Lanes of TravelViolation and Citation:

Client was stopped for violating Marked Lanes. He was called in by another motorist as a drunk driver. The officer watched client drive outside his lanes. Client admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the evening. Client had glassy and bloodshot eyes and slurred speech The officer indicated that client stumbled from the vehicle. Officer asked client to take the sobriety tests. Client stated to just take him in, he was refusing all tests. Client also refused the breath test. Client was cited with OVI and Lanes of Travel. Client had a CDL.


Client had a rare documented chronic medical condition that could have accounted for his appearing under the influence. Given the medical defense, the State offered client a Physical Control, with $650 fine, 3 day alcohol school, 6 month license suspension, and 0 points. Given client’s medical condition, alcohol should never be consumed if client is going to drive. Client will be arrested for OVI.

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